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Debut Album “What It Meant?” by Buzhold Out Now on Noon Records

Buzhold - What it meant? Album Artwork by Triin Torb

We’re excited to announce the release of “What It Meant?” by Buzhold, marking the inaugural label release under Noon Records.

The 9-track venture transcends the boundaries of grunge, shoegaze, and post-rock, whisking you away into an atmospheric tapestry where chaos and harmony entwine.

What It Meant?” is the kind of album that demands repeat listens, captivating you from its opening notes to its closing tracks.

For those of us yearning for the days when bands crafted meticulously curated albums that effortlessly traverse genres while showcasing their immense talent and versatility, this release is a breath of fresh air.


You can now enjoy the album on all major streaming and download platforms, and for those who appreciate physical formats, beautifully crafted CDs and cassettes are also available for purchase on Bandcamp.

As the waves of sound unfold, ‘What It Meant?‘ captures the essence of a revived shoegaze era, infusing it with a distinctive Estonian flavour. The album’s washed-out vibes resonate with the intricate detailing reminiscent of Grief & Bliss and the raw energy of Nirvana, creating a musical journey that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking.

The 9-track debut album “What It Meant?” is available on both CD and cassette formats.

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