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DKFM Shoegaze Radio Premieres Forthcoming Buzhold Album ‘What It Meant?’

Buzhold receive support from DKFM Shoegaze radio

Iconic and influential LA-based radio station DKFM, support the upcoming debut Buzhold LP and highlight the album in their ‘New Tracks Weekend’ for January 2024.

It’s with immense pride that we share the incredible news the generous support of DKFM Shoegaze Radio in promoting our debut release on Noon Records, the 9-track LP ‘What It Meant?‘ from Estonian 4-piece, Buzhold.

Update: Before we dive in, you can now enjoy the album on all major streaming and download platforms, and for those who appreciate physical formats, beautifully crafted CDs and cassettes are also available for purchase on Bandcamp.


“We’ve got the advance and exclusive world premiere of the debut LP from Buzhold, sort of a dreampop/grunge crossover that’s got us all excited in these studios. ‘What It Meant?’ is released on 12 February, and this Estonian crew has the skills to make a big splash. We’ll tease out some crucial cuts in advance of the album release next month.” – DKFM

About Buzhold

Hailing from the cobblestone streets and creative heart of Tallinn, Buzhold is set to captivate audiences with their distinctive blend of alt-rock, grunge and shoegaze. Their debut album release ‘What It Meant?‘ is a 9-track LP set to release on Monday 12th February, and will be available on CD, cassette and digital download.

Forthcoming Events

Tallinn Music Week 2024 promises to be a convergence of musical talent, creativity, and cultural exchange. With Buzhold representing the very essence of Tallinn’s artistic spirit, their presence adds a layer of authenticity and hometown pride to an already exhilarating lineup. So mark your calendars, immerse yourself in the magic of TMW, and discover the soul-stirring sounds of Buzhold as they take Tallinn and the world by storm.

Purchase your pass for Tallinn Music Week 2024 via their website.

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