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Noon Records Interview: Buzhold

We’re delighted to welcome Tallinn-based Buzhold, an exciting new 4-piece from Estonia who’s debut album “What It Meant?” is the first label release on Noon Records.

In this interview we’ll chat about the origin of the band, their approach to songwriting, releasing a debut album and future aspirations. 

Hey guys! Could you share with us how your journey began and how the band came together?

Hi! The first time all of us were in the same room together was in March 2022 at a death metal concert, but we didn’t know each other back then. I also met my current girlfriend at the same concert, and later she introduced me to Chris. We stayed in contact and some months later Chris asked me if I wanted to be a part of his shoegaze project. I didn’t really know what shoegaze was back then but I thought that maybe I should give it a try.

“From the first time we played together, the chemistry was there and I thought this could really be something.”

Later he invited Art to play bass from his punk band ‘Keskkool’ and I invited Kris from our school band where we both had played until our bass player went to the military for 11 months.

Buzhold Live – Photo by on Instagram.

How do you approach songwriting as a band? Do you have specific roles or do you prefer improvising and jamming together?

It’s the best feeling when we write something during the jam but usually someone has an idea and then he plays it to the band and everyone tries to come up with their own parts.

Even if someone has written all the parts for all the instruments alone, then at first we don’t show these parts to the others because their own part could be so much better and more fitting, not only for them personally, but it would be better for the song because if everyone plays what’s natural for them, then they can add their own personality to the song and there would be more flavours and the song will be more meaningful and exciting for everybody in the band.

How have bands like Nirvana and the shoegaze genre influenced your music?

Nirvana inspired us with their simplicity and powerful sound. We aimed to emulate that—creating straightforward, impactful riffs and melodies.

“Shoegaze’s influence was more about the atmospheric and immersive qualities, though our understanding and execution of shoegaze evolved as we developed our sound.”

The 9-track debut album “What It Meant?” is available on both CD and cassette formats.

Can you describe the creative process behind your debut album “What It Meant?” and how your environment in Tallinn influenced the album’s sound?

Our songs flowed out quite naturally. Initially, we were more focused on performing live without a clear plan to release an album. Our music direction was undefined; we were experimenting. Tallinn’s punk scene, especially, had a significant influence, pushing us towards a heavier sound on some tracks to align with local tastes.

I think the vibe of ‘What It Meant?’ is constantly changing throughout the album and it never really stays in the same place. Overall I can’t really say what vibe it gives because I have different experiences with all of these songs and I think that my perspective is very different from the other people’s point of view.

“Shoe Case”, one of the tracks from the album, brings back the raw energy of the early 90s. What inspired you to write this song and what does it mean to you?

I remember that I wanted to write a riff that would look visually cool because it would be played over the whole neck. It sounds silly but the visual aspect of playing like that adds so much more energy to the song, especially when it’s played live.

“Lyrically speaking I think it’s one of the saddest songs on the whole album but the chords sound kind of happy in comparison with the lyrics.”

I think if someone who is very close to you dies then you shouldn’t be sad about it, but thankful for the time this person was in your life. In fact I realised that just after I finished the song.

I really enjoy playing it live because in my opinion it represents the joy of existence and every time we play it, I connect with it from a different angle.

How about the single “Woven”? That was the solo single in run up to the album release that had received great reception. What makes that track special to you?

Woven” represents the genesis of our band; it’s where our journey truly began. This song encapsulates all aspects of our debut, blending our influences and creative aspirations into a single track that holds a special place for us.

The debut album “What It Meant?” is available to purchase via Bandcamp.

How are your current and upcoming events shaping up? Are there any exciting plans on the horizon for this summer?

Right now we have had quite a busy schedule here in Estonia. This month we have played shows once every weekend. In the summer we are hoping to go on a small European tour, if everything goes as planned. We are very excited to play outside of Estonia.

Looking forward, how do you see your sound evolving in the future?

While we’re keeping our future directions close to our chest, rest assured, it’s a big secret we’re excited to reveal in time. Our sound will continue to evolve, reflecting our growth as musicians and individuals.

What connection do you hope to establish with your fans through your debut album “What It Meant?”?

We hope our music resonates with those who find beauty in the same things we do. Our songs are crafted with passion and dedication, containing layers of meaning that we hope will connect with listeners on a deep level.