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Noon Records Signs Estonian Alt-Rock Band, Buzhold

It’s with immense pride that we share the news of our first official label signing at Noon Records, Estonian Alt-Rock Band, Buzhold!

In the vibrant musical landscape of Estonia emerges Buzhold, a 4-piece alt-rock phenomenon, poised to captivate audiences with their debut album, ‘What It Meant?

Update: Before we dive in, you can now enjoy the album on all major streaming and download platforms, and for those who appreciate physical formats, beautifully crafted CDs and cassettes are also available for purchase on Bandcamp.


It’s an exciting time at Noon Records. We’ve been busy laying the foundations of our new and exciting venture whilst reaching out to bands and artists within the world of alt-rock, grunge, post rock and shoegaze.

With our eyes set on the future of the label and our experience with music promotion and marketing, we’re proud to sign Buzhold to the Noon Records label.

The forthcoming album ‘What It Meant?‘ will be the bands inaugural release on Noon Records, a 9-track venture that transcends the boundaries of alt-rock, set to release Monday 12th February.

Meet the Band

Formerly known as Noir until their name change at the beginning on 2024, Buzhold comes to life through the collective synergy of four talented individuals.

Together, Edvin (guitar/vocals), Christofer (guitar), Art (bass), and Kristofer (drums) create a musical alchemy that transcends genres and defies expectations. Buzhold’s enigmatic presence is not just about the music; it’s a testament to the synergy and creativity that arises when these four unique talents come together.

From top left going clockwise: Kristofer, Art, Christofer and Edvin (photo by Georg Joosep Allikas)

This 4-piece phenomenon is a musical journey guided by Edvin’s mesmerising dual role as the guitarist and vocalist, weaving hypnotic melodies that anchor the band’s ethereal sound. Christofer, another virtuoso on the guitar, adds depth and intricacy to the sonic tapestry, forming a harmonious partnership with Edvin.

The rhythmic foundation of Buzhold is laid by Art, the mastermind on bass, infusing each track with a pulsating energy that resonates with listeners. Completing the quartet is Kristofer, the rhythmic architect on drums, whose beats provide the heartbeat of the band’s sound.

Listen to the single ‘Woven‘ taken from their forthcoming debut album release ‘What It Meant?‘, set to release on Monday 12th February and will be available on cassette, CD and digital download.

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