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Welcome to Noon Records

Welcome to Noon Records, born in 2023 as a natural extension of Insight Music.

Our passion lies in curating and releasing music and has been since 2011, but Noon Records is something more, and places a strong emphasis on immersive fan experiences through band merchandise and live events.

As ardent fans and supporters of immersive and dynamic genres, the idea of expanding Insight Music had been brewing for quite some time. The vision was clear – to create a sub-label that delves deeper into the live aspect of music, actively supporting bands not only through their recorded tracks but also by crafting memorable experiences through fan merchandise and engaging tours.

To maintain the unique identity of this venture, we decided to christen it Noon Records, keeping it distinct from Insight Music, our label that passionately explores ambient, chillstep, and future garage music.

While Noon Records is still in its early stages, our journey isn’t entirely new. The experience of building a community around a niche is something that resonates with our team. In a musical landscape dominated by Spotify playlists and a diverse array of genres, we understand that today’s music lovers have eclectic tastes that often span across many boundaries.

We embark on this journey with great enthusiasm and a host of exciting ideas that we plan to unfold over the next few years. We invite you to be part of our story, to share in our passion for music that transcends genres. Whether you’re a fan, an artist, or just someone who appreciates good music, we’d be thrilled to have you join us on this adventure.

Connect with us through our contact form and follow us on social media for the latest updates from Noon Records. Together, let’s create and celebrate this incredible music.